Steps to Becoming a Rancho Saint Francis Volunteer...

Our Steps to Becoming a Rancho Saint Francis Volunteer is designed to guide and assist you through our volunteer application process. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and information that will help you understand and complete our volunteer application process. If at any time during the application process you have questions or need assistance, please contact usat:

Step One: Complete Rancho Saint Francis Volunteer Application

Step Two: Complete Volunteer Release and Consent Documents

  • Your completed documents can be submitted via: email, fax or postal mail

Step Three: Volunteer Orientation & Training

  • An email with the required documents will be sent to you once your application has been reviewed and accepted by our volunteer coordinator.
  • Once we are in receipt of your release and consent documents you will be contacted to arrange your orientation training session.

Step Four: Volunteer Training Sessions

  • Each volunteer is required to complete safe-animal handling training sessions before working with the animals. You will also learn about ranch procedures and our volunteer policies.
  • In most cases, volunteers are required to complete (1) two-hour training sessions. This training session will be conducted by a knowledgeable and authorized member of our team.

Step Five: Welcome Letter for Active Rancho Saint Francis Volunteers

  • In order to become an active member of our team, we must verify the following: volunteer meets qualifications, demonstrates readiness to work independently and safely with animals, and successful completion of required training sessions.
  • Active volunteers will receive our Welcome Letter, by email, confirming and congratulating your new status as an active member of our team and provide you with some additional information.
  • To remain an active member of our volunteer program, you must volunterr at least 4 hours a month. Volunteers are asked to contact us for any lapse in service more than 30 days.

We ask any new volunteer to carefully and thoughtfully review current personal commitments and time available for our volunteer program. Our volunteers are a valuable and appreciated resource which help to enhance the lives of neglected, abused and abandoned animals in our community. We are able to support our dedicated volunteers and animal friends best when we have a solid team effort united in compassion, commitment and purpose. We thank you for your thoughtful consideration.