Rescue Programs

Rancho St. Francis Horse Rescue and Equine programs are dedicated to the healing effects of compassion and love. When a horse enters our program, it is assessed for its individual needs. We honor its best interest by providing quality care. Our training program provides quality training experiences for the horses. Many of our horses help people in need through our equine therapy programs. We also have a rehabilitation program, which enables the horse to realize its full potential through care and nurturing. Our sanctuary program provides a beautiful, peaceful setting for horses to retire and enjoy their remaining years.

Rehabilitation Program
Horses are evaluated by a veterinarian and receive proper medical care and treatment to restore health and provide rehabilitation for any injuries and/or special needs. Once these rescued horses are healthy again, they are placed in one of our other programs to enjoy themselves and realize their full potential in a safe, loving environment.

Equine Therapy Program
These horses are trained as trail and/or lesson horses for people of various physical and mental challenges. The horses provide unconditional love and a special therapy which creates remarkable results in their lives.

Sanctuary Program
The 15 Hands Sanctuary is dedicated to the care and quality of life for horses unable to participate in any of our other programs due to age, condition, or have little chance of adoption due to medical or other issues. These retired horses have a beautiful place where they can live out the rest of their days and enjoy quality care and attention from our dedicated staff..

Training Program
Our experienced equine staff train potential riding and equine therapy horses for various disciplines. We have Trail, Lesson, Western, English, and show horses that help people in need of equine therapy.

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